Concept Lab

The Igloo Product Design Lab is a space for product and service design innovation and experimentation. Our services arm allows us to stand up our concept lab and we are exceptionally proud of this element of Igloo. We have showcased some of our more mature concepts below.


Our first concept to prototype out of the Igloo Lab and truly an industry-first, the flagship Alfa looks a lot like a quadcopter and performs similarly to one in air.  Unlike a typical quadcopter, our patent-pending design includes a detachable buoy on top that contains the antennae to transmit imagery and data to the control station.  When the vehicle submerges, the buoy remains on the surface and tethered to the vehicle to maintain fully wireless communication when submerged.

Head to flyswimfly to learn more about our flagship product. 

Stratos 360

The Stratos 360 by Igloo Innovations is a hanging ride which introduces a multi-axis, fully rotating ride vehicle. The Stratos 360 ride vehicle is capable of rotating the rider compartments and full ride vehicle at asynchronous directions and speeds. Rider experiences can be varied from scenic, casual movements, to extreme full rotations as the vehicle travels. Using a unique mechanical bearing concept, the Stratos 360 ride vehicle provides smooth and precise rotation.

Aquatic Stratos

With this project, I helped my client set up a short term plan with long term benefits. I then provided expert advice and strategic planning to help them with implementation. Would you like to learn more about my services?