What We Do

Igloo Innovations Inc. is an engineering and product development service provider that merges both technical and creative expertise to deliver functional and beautiful solutions across several industries.  Our diverse background includes the design of complex and safety-critical systems from submarines to roller coasters.  In our two main verticals – marine and themed entertainment – we’re routinely called on for a wide variety of projects:

While this represents the majority of our work as a company, we also have considerable background in automotive, renewable energy, and defense.  The breadth and scope of our experience is universally applicable, making us an ideal partner for almost any project.  What can we achieve together?


  • Product Marinization

  • Seafloor Systems

  • Observatories / Networks

  • Manned / Unmanned Vehicles

  • Intervention Tooling

  • Surface / Workover Equipment

  • Oilfield Equipment

  • Field Support

themed entertainment

  • Ride System Concepts

  • Ride Vehicle Styling and Design

  • Production Theming Design

  • Seat and Restraint Systems

  • 4D Effects Integration

  • Propulsion Systems

  • Track Mechanisms


Igloo develops products with a creative edge and to find ingenious solutions that put Igloo and their clients ahead with the competitive advantage of style, design and quality.  Much of our client work is highly confidential and is not displayed.  A sample of our previous work can be seen below.


Modular Fire Covering

Firescape Protection Systems

Stratos Aquatic Vehicle Concept

Igloo Innovations

Stingray Submersibles

Aquatica Submarines


Batman "Knight Flight" Restraint System

Dynamic Structures

"Raft Battle" Ride Vehicle

Whitewater West

Ecosse Scarjet Trencher

Cellula Robotics


Shell Stones FPSO

Turret Pull-in Latch

General Marine Contractors

Ride Marketing Brochures

Dynamic Attractions

Product Launch Videos

Dell / Alienware